"Just Rugit"

Rugit Canada

A wildlife artistry committed to preserving the tradition of wildlife ruggery, the memory of adventure, and the apex of quality.
At Rugit Canada, our focus is quality! From beautiful machine and hand stitching to the detail in an eye, no element is overlooked.

Guide Outfitters

For Guide Outfitters working with Rugit Canada, we offer a spring and fall bear pick- up service. We offer a one stop shop, from Outfitter to their client’s doorstep. Please contact our team at the number below for more information.

"Bring Your Adventure Home"

Our beautiful custom rugs will be made with the highest quality products.  All rugs are machine and hand stitched. We offer excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

You will love your finished rug!  It will be a conversation piece to hang on the wall or place in front of the fireplace. 

"Bring Your Adventure Home"

Tim Stephenson- Wildlife Artist